Bunny Care Instructions


  • We feed our bunnies Producer’s Pride Rabbit Food. This is available at Tractor Supply.
  • Make sure you have Producer’s Pride Rabbit Food on-hand when your new bunny comes home
  • If you wish to switch your bunny’s food, do so under the instruction of your veterinarian.
  • Unlimited fresh Timothy Hay
  • Fresh clean water daily. 
  • No fresh fruits or veggies until your bunny has reached six months of age.
  • We recommend starting slowly with strawberry tops or bok choy as treats only. 
  • Please be careful with carrots as they contain high amounts of sugar. 
  • No store bought treats. Treats with artificial coloring can be toxic to your bunny. 


  • We recommend keeping your bunny indoors in a climate controlled environment. 
  • Choose the best cage for your space, but the bigger the better. Suggested: 1 Story or 2 Story
  • Please make sure your bunny is getting playtime daily in a safe space outside of the cage — a playpen is great for this.
  • If you choose a solid bottom cage, we recommend using a litter box filled with Care Fresh Small Pet bedding.
  • Keep in mind we do start litter training at four weeks of age, so your bunny will be used to using this bedding as litter. 

Avoiding Harm

  • Introduce other pets to your bunny very slowly. 
  • Remember bunnies bond by smell. Try not to over handle your bunny until they have acclimated to their surroundings. 
  • Keep your bunny in a quiet, calm environment. 
  • Loud abrupt sounds can cause heart failure. 
  • Please be mindful of air fresheners and all forms of aerosol sprays as they may cause respiratory distress. 
  • Please do not leave your bunny unattended with small children or other household pets. 
  • Never bathe your bunny or allow it to get damp in any way, as your bunny may go into shock. 
  • Avoid wood shavings, your bunny could experience liver failure from the release of toxic oils found in the shavings. 
  • Always remember that bunnies will chew anything! Wires, carpet, plastic, anything–many of these things are very dangerous to your bunny. Be aware!

Bringing Home Bunny